Sebastian is now 20 months old and changes so much with every month. They say the first two years of a baby’s life is when they change the most in such a short period of time. He becomes more interested in different things with each milestone and new words pop out of his mouth randomly at times.

Right now my sweet boy is really into balls whether it’s a soccer ball, bouncy ball, baseball, you name it, if it’s a ball he’s yelling and running after it. In Sweden he learned how to dribble a soccer ball and pass with his foot instead of picking it up and throwing it. He’s obviously still obsessed with hockey and shooting pucks, but he’s really into cars and trucks too. Out of nowhere he loves the movie Cars 3. He points to the TV sometimes and says “vroom vroom,” or “truck truck.” He’ll take his firetruck all around our place (Nick just taught him how to squirt the water out of the hose of the firetruck too) and sing “weeewooo weeewooo.” He has a book called Zoom! that’s basically a picture book of different kinds of transportation that includes things like a picture of a balloon, train, firetruck, and car. He’ll point to the pictures and say what each picture is and he grabs it almost every day and just looks at it.

4th of July in Sweden

Sebby seems to be quite the talker these days and says a variety of different words now including: bye bye, all done, tåck tåck (Swedish thank you), ew, hi, bil (car in Swedish), no (favorite word), pee pee, again, thunder, baby, truck, shark, choo choo (for a train), vitamin (but pronounces it “mean” because of the way it’s pronounced in Swedish), and many more. He also knows names of some people and animals and of course says mama, papa, and dada. I’m starting to understand what he is asking for now, or what he’s trying to convey. We can ask him questions and get a “ya” or “no” reply.

Some of his favorite foods to eat include:

  • Baked pieces of sweet potato (Loves it!)
  • Fruits ( blueberries, strawberries, watermelon, peaches, apples, bananas, etc.)
  • Fruit/Veggie pouches
  • Hummus and crackers
  • Veggie straws
  • Scrambled eggs
  • Couscous
  • Yogurt
  • Mac n’ cheese, cheese sandwiches, cheese sticks
  • Grilled chicken, baked chicken, chicken tenders w/ Ranch, almond chicken (all chicken!)
  • Fish (Especially Salmon. He’s obsessed with it!)
  • Hot dogs or veggie dogs w/ Ketchup

This list could keep going on honestly. He’s really not that picky of an eater. A few things he won’t eat include: avocado, not a huge fan of PB&J (weird), a few different vegetables like broccoli and green beans, raspberries, and he won’t eat like plain butter noodles. Even spaghetti is tricky to get him to eat sometimes. I think it’s a texture thing. He’s not really into juices either. We give him a multivitamin every morning just to make up for lost nutrition if there is any.

Sebastian’s day (I should really say “our day”) starts at 7AM give or take when Nick and I hear him yelling “maaamaa” or “paapaaa,” (it’s so cute). (Also, he’s obsessed with Nick right now. He can’t get enough of his daddy!) Then once one of us grabs him, we start making the monster breakfast. I say monster because he’s full of energy in the morning which is really fun and crazy! He’s usually so sweet though too and I can get a bunch of hugs and kisses out of him. Then we’ll do something in the morning like kids club at the gym, the park, grocery store, a playdate, or whatever else we have planned. Sometimes we just end up playing around at home too.

Sebastian will have a snack and then take a nap at sometime between 11-1. It varies depending on how long whatever it is we are doing in the morning takes, and because he’s older. He used to go down at 11AM every morning up until a few months ago. He’ll then sleep 2-3 hours long and once he wakes up he’s usually very happy again, handing me his stuffed animals that lay around the border of his bed. I feed him a pretty big, healthy lunch and then for dinner he has more of like a bunch of snacks and milk or almond milk while reading some books before bed. I like to get him down at around 7PM, but I’m not super anal about it. Like if I notice he’s playing nicely or didn’t have a lot of TV time during the day, I’ll let him stay up later. No later than 8 though if we are home, because momma needs her alone time. If we are out doing something or out of town, his bedtime is kind of whenever he falls asleep depending on the circumstances.

Sebby found that truck at the beach and never let it go while he was there

As he’s getting older, the routine of it all I’m finding to be much more important. Once your little one starts to get tired and not taking a nap that he/she is used to daily, their mood and eating habits change. I notice if Sebby doesn’t sleep enough he’ll get crabby, like we all do, but also very whiny, more angry than usual, and refuse to eat at times. This isn’t fun for either of us, so I like to keep him on a schedule as best I can as he’s entering the toddler stage. I also will live for those long naps once baby is born.

I’ll say routines when they’re little babies is tough to manage. They are on their own schedule already, and even though it isn’t a normal schedule to us, as moms we have to manage our schedule around them. Once they’re older and maybe asking to go to bed (like Sebby does at times now), or you notice a change in mood or behavior, I think getting them on one is so important!

Other than just becoming a little boy and getting bigger and bigger, Sebastian is doing very well health and spirit wise. He’s the most thoughtful, kind, and sweet little boy. He just likes to play around and have someone to play with. He’s experiencing new things and evolving constantly. He recently just learned how to make farting noises on other’s stomachs like we do to his which is hilarious. He’s also been introduced to arm floaties since being in Sweden, and he can’t get enough of the water now. He’s actually floating above the water with them, and swimming to us with them on!

It’s pretty amazing to see him transform from this little baby to little boy. As a parent you always remember that cute look they give you and continue to give you as they get bigger. There are traits that will never go away that you notice now. I look forward to the many more months and different challenges we’ll face together. Learning and growing together.

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