September 17th, 2018 became a significant date 40 weeks ago today. Today is my official due date and I am bigger than ever (my sister had no remorse reminding me that over the weekend). I honestly think I’m just as big as I was, if not close to, when I was pregnant with my 9lb son.

As you can imagine I’m getting a little impatient and just want to meet my precious baby already. My feet and hands are extremely swollen now, and the water retention is at an all time high. This baby is just too comfortable in there.. HELP!

Everything is set up now, and most of the cleaning has been done to welcome little one home. The day is “still young” as a friend just said to me. Maybe I need to go on a long walk? Go bounce on the ball for a while today? I’m not sure, but something needs to happen this week.

My dad is off work for the week and a close family friend of ours is available to us to watch Sebastian this week too. No time to waste!!

We are scheduled for a 40 week ultrasound Thursday and induction on the 26th with the doctor I want. I’m just getting kind of scared this baby is getting much bigger than expected. I want to avoid a c-section as much as possible because I’m just not prepared for that at all!

Hopefully next update post, baby is born!