With our first baby, we did not want to know the gender. We wanted it to be a surprise! My gut feeling was telling me it was a boy, and I was right.

This time around Nick and I have also decided not to find out. In the beginning of this pregnancy I really wanted to know, but after I reached about 15 weeks I didn’t care as much. We’ve made this decision based off of how we felt when we didn’t know last time. The overwhelming feeling when Sebastian was born was so powerful that in the end it really didn’t matter if he was a boy or girl. Most people want to know because they need to plan the nursery and decide what clothes to get rid of from their first or to buy. Honestly if we found out, and I was told we are having a girl, I’d spend so much unnecessary money on girl stuff. Maybe that’s why Nick secretly doesn’t want to know..

To us, our lives are still so last minute too that in the end those reasons are unimportant to us. We will honestly be happy with a boy or girl, and just hope and pray for a healthy baby. Nick and I want to have three kids as of now, if possible, so maybe with the third we’ll find out and mix it up just because. With that being said I have been playing the guessing game far to much lately. All these wives tales have made me second guess what my gut feeling is telling me!

A couple of wives tales in particular are throwing me off. For example they say the way you carry, high or low, determines the sex. If it’s a boy, you’ll carry low and you can’t tell a woman is pregnant from behind. You’re all belly with a boy. If it’s a girl, it’s the total opposite. If you carry higher and gain weight more all around, you’re most likely having a girl. Now, as I get bigger I feel like I’m carrying low. Other days though, I feel like I’m carrying pretty high. I think it’s going to take a few more weeks until I can really tell.

September 2016 (7 months pregnant); Pregnant with Sebastian. Pretty much all belly.

Another wives tale I heard that is making me question if I’m right or not has to do with heartburn. When I was pregnant with my son I don’t remember having heartburn as much, but being extremely thirsty. I would chug 5/6 regular sized water bottles a day. During this pregnancy I have battled with heartburn, especially in the evening and through the night. They say that if you suffer from heartburn, you are more likely to have a boy! They also say that heartburn is a sign of a hairy baby. Now I’m really confused…

June 9, 2018 (Just 6 months pregnant)

Baby’s heart rate is supposed to predict the baby’s gender by how fast or slow it is. They say if it’s a boy the heart rate is lower than 140bpm. If it’s higher than 140bpm it’s a girl! Nick and I have both asked our doctor if there is any correlation between baby’s sex and it’s heart rate and each time their response is “No, but they (wives tales) have to be right 50% of the time.” At our last appointment the baby’s heart rate was just under 140bpm.

Every pregnancy is going to be different, but it’s kind of fun playing the guessing game. Until we know for sure (September 17th, 2018 is my due date), my gut feeling is telling me it’s a girl despite the wives tales! Wives tales are just exactly that, stories and opinions passed down from one generation to another.

What do you think baby is going to be? Boy or Girl?

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