So, I can’t believe it’s been 25 weeks of being pregnant already…

This time around has definitely been different and time is flying by. I was much more sick in the beginning than I can remember with my first. Since entering my second trimester though, there has been light at the end of the tunnel. I have a ton more energy and my headaches I was getting have subsided. Heartburn has been a new, terrible thing I’m currently dealing with, but nothing some TUMS can’t fix.

A few weeks ago we were told that my placenta’s edges were rounded. The doctor told us it really wasn’t anything to worry about, but that they’d be checking babies growth more frequently. They said that it could possibly cause the baby not to retrieve as many nutrients as they’d like. We just went in last week for my glucose test (which came back normal), and also had an ultrasound done to make sure baby’s growth is up to par. He/she’s weight, height, and everything else is perfectly matching up. The tech said we really have nothing to worry about. Once baby is delivered they just want to make sure none of my placenta is left behind. Also, there has been no signs indicating so far that this baby has a cleft lip or cleft palate!

I think in the beginning I was just so sick that I wasn’t gaining that much weight. When we went in last week though, I had gained 9lbs since last months visit!! So, I think it’s safe to say we are back on track…

I’m definitely seeing major changes in my body and skin. Some I’m happy about while others not so much. For example, I’m not to happy about my ass getting bigger but I’m in love with how long and healthy my hair is. I just keep telling myself that I need to enjoy this time and not worry so much about what I look like because I am growing a human being! I won’t be like this forever, so I just need to be patient with myself and practice some self-love.

Let’s talk cravings real quick! Random (as they usually are), but I was craving spring rolls from the sushi deli and asparagus in the first few weeks of this pregnancy. I’ve also craved salads. Not the worst thing to be craving. Most recently I’ve craved brownies and ice cream (typical).

With my first, I remember the thought of eating Salmon made me want to puke, and I love Salmon! I also remember my  number one craving was Coke. At least I’m craving salads this time around, right?!

With only 101 days left until we meet this little one, Nick and I are savoring every moment as a family of three. Although, we are very excited about becoming a family of four! Every time I feel the baby move and kick, I make Nick run over and feel. It’s such a surreal, awesome feeling. He’ll talk to he/she and the baby will respond usually with a nudge back.

I’m not really sure Sebastian gets that he’s going to be a “big brother” in a few months, but he definitely understands that there’s a baby in mommy’s belly. The other day he lifted my shirt up at the grocery store and pointed and said “Baby!” Just yesterday he kissed my stomach and then hugged it while I was laying down for a good two minutes. My heart melted. He’s just such a sweet boy that I think he is going to be such a great big brother! Like the kid hands toys to crying babies at the gym’s Kids Club… can’t get any more sweet than that.

And that is the update so far on the new baby Lindberg..

Until next time!