Happy first day of Spring!! Flowers are already blooming in the sunshine state! Although we Floridians have been enjoying gorgeous weather (besides the past couple days) these last few weeks, Spring officially makes its’s debut today!

I think it’s the Gardenia’s that are blooming that smell amazing! I can’t get enough of them in the spring time.

A little update on what’s been going on with us these past few weeks. Bianca will be six months tomorrow and I can hardly believe it. She is getting so big! She’s sitting up on her own and pulls herself in a circle on her stomach. Definitely going to be crawling soon. Laughs a lot while flailing her arms! She’s super ticklish, still has extremely sweaty feet (weird) and is sitting in the grocery cart seat now!

To answer everyone’s question. No, she is not sleeping through the night yet. Tired parents over here. We are also pretty sure she has one of her front teeth coming in.

Bianca is starting to eat solids this week. I’m starting her with homemade sweet potato puree. (I use the BEABA baby food maker.) I started the same food with Sebastian and now he loves sweet potato. Eventually I’ll add in spinach, peas, carrots, and other combinations. Would you be interested in seeing some of my puree combinations I make?

I feel like when you have kids everyday seems so long but the months fly by! We have been constantly busy every week and weekend doing something, you blink and the week is over and it’s already time to start another one. My husband’s hockey team (he’s a hockey director) he was coaching (U12 & U16’s) just finished up their fall season. So I’ve been able to have him around more on the weekends which has been so nice!

This week is spring break in our area and since kids are off school, the places I usually take kids is extra busy, like weekend busy. This also means Hubs has a camp going on and more training and clinics to run.

Last week I had milestone pictures done by the one and only Modern Newborn Photography. They turned out awesome, and I can’t wait to get the rest!

To celebrate the first day of spring, I’ll be modeling for a super cute boutique downtown this evening! Wish me luck! Check my Instagram to follow along. Details to come!

I hope you are starting the Spring season outside, even though I know it’s still blistering cold in some places!