And just like that, the dreaded day has come. We’ve all heard the tales of the terrible twos, but as new moms we wonder how our precious, innocent babies could become one of them… 

I thought maybe I had a few more months before the “nooooo”s and slapping away my hand would start. In the last few weeks though my son has, besides getting his second molars, had an attitude change. He has gone from the sweetest baby in the world to a baby with quite a change in personality. This turning point has now forced me to realize that he is in fact becoming a toddler and entering the horrid, terrible twos. 

If you are unsure if your child is getting into their terrible twos let me shine some light on what to look out for. If your child tells you “no,” smacks your hand or leg when he/she doesn’t get their way, or cries when you take away something he/she is not allowed to have, you have in fact entered this horrific stage. Oh and I almost forgot, WHINING to get their way! 

These past few weeks have been rough for me. I’ve cried more then once when I literally had no idea what to do. In the past few days I’ve decided that some sort of punishment is going to have to start. (Our babies know more than we think, especially at a year-and-a-half.) I know he’s to young to understand some things of discipline, so for now I’ve decided timeouts will be infiltrated. I talked to a few moms who have already gone through this situation, and they gave me some great tips. I feel like you need to do what fits your parenting style. What I’ve decided to do is give him two chances to stop his bad behavior and listen. If he slaps me after I tell him to pick up his sippy cup he threw out of frustration of not wanting to do something, I’ll grab his hand and nicely say “you don’t hit mommy, please pick up your cup.” If he doesn’t do what I ask and then proceeds to possibly hit me again, I’ll say it one more time. After that if he still continues to give me attitude, I’ll get to three and put him in a corner in the house that is “boring.” (Even though he seriously finds fun in everything and anything.) I’ll make him stand there for a short period of time and if he starts to move from the corner I’ll put him back without saying anything. I will also try my best not to look at him. Then when I think it’s time to try again I’ll have him say “I’m sorry mommy,” give me a kiss and then hopefully get him to pick up the sippy cup.

I’ve only done this three times so far and it honestly is working. I’m hoping I won’t have to get to three as much the older he gets because what kid wants to be left out of the fun? 

I’ll be sure to keep y’all posted as to how this method of madness goes. Wish me luck!