My workout routine while being pregnant isn’t as intense as when I am not preggers. I do have to really listen to my body and make sure I am helping and not hurting myself and baby. I tend to do a little cardio and then a circuit based mostly with lightweights (pregnant women are encouraged to use weights no more than 25lbs). Then I usually will go into abs (yes you can do abs while you’re pregnant) and then stretch. This gets me sweating a bit and gets my heart rate up without overdoing it. Recently, before I had known I was pregnant, I was doing hard cardio classes such as spinning and then intense circuit classes that literally give you no time to breath. I know pregnant women continue to do these types of workouts and they’re fine but for me it just wasn’t happening. Although, I will take a more resistance based cycle class once in a while.

I am now halfway through my pregnancy and it has definitely been different from when I was pregnant with my first. Getting to the gym in the mornings has been such a task this time around that I maybe make it to the gym 2-3 times a week, maybe. With my first I had no problem getting up and working out everyday. I have been pretty sick this time too, but it is finally subsiding and I’m getting to the gym more often. Sometimes it just feels like a alot when you have to make sure your fed, baby is fed and then make sure you have everything and baby has everything, before heading to kids club at the gym. It just takes time and is quite the process leaving the house in the morning now or anywhere for that matter at any time of day! 

I am still trying to stay active and fit as much as I can though even if I don’t make it to a gym or yoga class. I walk the neighborhood or take my son for a swim in the pool. Anything that gets me moving nowadays is a round of applause moment. I just encourage moms who are having a rough time during their pregnancy not to give up completely but to try some new ways of getting active! 

After baby is born I plan on getting back to the gym and into my spin classes, but I’m not going to rush anything. When I’m cleared by the doctor and I feel like my mind and body are ready to take on a workout then I will. Not sure that’ll be right away or a few weeks after delivery, but I’m hoping it won’t take as long as before. With my first I definitely waited a while before getting back into the swing of things and looking back, that was exactly what I needed. By six months postpartum, I was on a daily routine and feeling much more confident in the gym.

What workouts get you motivated?!