It was pretty shocking to me the other night when we were counting how many birthdays of yours we’ve spent together. Where we were each year, and how we celebrated. This is our fourth year spent together, and second one in Tampa.

I’ve dedicated this post to the love of my life, best friend, and partner in crime on his birthday! On September 8th you were brought into this world.. Who knew that the stars would align and bring us together. I really can’t thank God enough for bringing me someone like you! You deserve everything and so much more in this lifetime. You are smart, hardworking, funny, positive, and full of life! An amazing dad and an outstanding spouse.. Today on your special day I’ve put together 5  things that I wish for you in the coming year..

  1. Happiness – I hope you find happiness during hardships and in everything you do!
  2. Adventure – The kid in you still loves a good adventure, and I hope this year you endure many fun filled ones!
  3. Purpose – In everything you do, I hope you find a reason for doing it. I hope you live to only do what makes you happy and you find purpose in.
  4. Wealth – Not just financially, but spiritually as well.
  5. Fun – I hope this year you are able to do fun things you’ve been wanting to do for a while now, like kite surf!

I know you all are wondering just exactly how far apart in age we are (Google it if you really care), but I can assure you that age is just a number. When Nick and I are together it’s like we are the same age. We have so much fun together and are always each other’s biggest supporters. I got really lucky with this one, even if he is a few years older than me…

Fun Fact: When Nick and I first met I literally thought he was only a few years older than me (maybe 25), and didn’t find out his exact age until a week or so after getting to know one another. He has good Swedish genes. Our children are lucky, haha. He also thought I was much older! Didn’t stop us though from falling madly in love with each other!

 Last night I surprised Nick with a massage at our friend’s place on the water. We had a sushi dinner outside afterwards, while watching the sunset! This morning Sebastian and I surprised him with cake and song (a Swedish tradition). Sebastian helped blow out the candles! It was so funny. Nick is coaching two games for a U12 team he coaches, before heading out to dinner later tonight with my parents. (I think the team is throwing him a little party before their second game too..) My dad’s birthday is next weekend so we are doing a joint birthday dinner! The place we are going is a surprise to my dad..

Happy Birthday Booby!









I made this short video for Nick’s Birthday in 2016. I love you!