Today we headed up early and made our way to a town called Örebro, two hours outside Stockholm. This town is the seventh largest city in Sweden. It’s known for it’s water tower, Vattentornet Svampen (Water Tower Mushroom), because on top of it is a restaurant. It’s said that most water towers copied it’s architectural look. But you might be wondering why exactly we traveled so far today?

Since being introduced to a Swedish kids show, Bablarna, last year when we were visiting, Sebastian has fallen deeper and deeper in love with it as he has gotten older. Bablarna is easiest comparable to Teletubbies. It’s kind of weird, not much talking, and most kids love it. It’s a show that is supposed to help children develop sounds and create words.

Besides being a Swedish show, that can be found on YouTube, it is also a short musical that travels throughout Sweden mostly. While we are in Sweden I thought it’d be fun for us to take Sebastian because of how much he loves it. Unfortunately we missed them being in Stockholm so we had to travel a ways and make a day of it.

Once we arrived I realized just how cute of a town Örebro is! I thought it was going to be a “in the middle of no where” town, but it turned out to be so pretty. Their gardens and greenhouses, cute cafes and shops all caught my attention. Sweden is very family oriented, but this town was especially, you could just tell.

  Sebby meeting one of the characters “Didi”

We headed straight for the show which was held in an outdoor area near the water. The weather was beautiful. Not to warm or cool. The venue was small but packed with families. We waited about 15 minutes before Bablarna took the stage. I think Nick and I might’ve been more excited for Sebby to see them live than he was. Once the songs started playing and he saw all the kids dancing, he couldn’t help but dance and sing himself. It was just so fun to see the smile on his face as he watched in awe. Then he saw a soccer ball on stage and wanted it so bad, he got up from his seat and ran for the stage. Typical.


After the show, we walked through some gardens and then made our way into a greenhouse which was also a cafe that sold sandwiches, pastries, and flatbreads. After we were finished we putzed around for a while and chased after Sebby. Then headed back to Stockholm for a bbq.