The last time I was pregnant, I married my husband when I was about six months along. We had wedding pictures taken and we were able to capture not only our wedding but my growing tummy too. This pregnancy I wanted to get maternity pictures done to remember this bump by also.

The weekend of our baby shower we were supposed to get our maternity pictures taken (35 weeks), but had to reschedule for the following weekend due to my son being extremely sick with a virus a few days prior. We had planned for it to be an on location shoot at a beach area with two wardrobe changes and my boys by my side. All day that day it had been sunny and nice out and then like good ‘ole Florida fashion, a really bad yet random all over Tampa, storm came in. Near the ocean where we were going, it looked more clear so we drove out that way about an hour early of shooting /sunset time. As we got closer we could see lightning strikes all over and heard huge rumbles of thunder. Nick and I were definitely nervous and not sure if we should still shoot.

Dakota Moore, owner of Modern Newborn Photography, was already waiting for us when we arrived. There were still people out on the beach area and the rain hadn’t come in yet, but off in the distance lightning strikes were not far away. Nick was freaking out and I was too a little bit. Dakota seemed totally confident though and ended up getting amazing shots. My son did so well too, I was so proud of him and happy he was having a good time.

Although I was only able to get one dress fitting in, Dakota was so understanding and sensitive to the circumstances. She had me come out to the studio the following week to get a few extra pics in the other dress.

Dakota is fairly new to Tampa as a photographer, but has been doing it for three years now out of Colorado. She did an amazing job capturing this special time with my boys and growing bump. I look forward to working with her in the future!