Over the weekend, Sebby and I took a mommy and son trip to Miami with my friend Casey and her son. This was our boys first trip together! Her husband is his own pilot and has been flying for many years. His daughter also came with her friend, their nanny Krystal, and their adorable pups, Boo and Truffles.

I met my friend Casey through our mommy group. Our boys are the same age and get along so well. They’re funny together too, egging one another to do certain things and explore. This weekend we stayed in South Beach and although the weather was quite rainy (per usual) we still enjoyed our time there.

Daddy saying goodbye to Sebastian

We arrived Saturday afternoon and just hung-out for most of the day swimming, taking walks around the area, and then feeding the boys before they headed to bed. While Krystal watched the boys, we got ready and headed to an amazing vegan restaurant called Planta! We were accompanied by one of their friends and his friend who was visiting from Nigeria. Some of the food there was so good you didn’t even know it wasn’t real meat. The burger, meat lovers pizza, sushi, and dumplings are some of the few dishes you’d normally assume would have meat in them but were filled with plant alternatives. Most of their food they used was grown by them as well off their rooftop.

Vegan Burger

Charcoal Coconut Berry Ice cream 

Sunday we were supposed to take a boat out, but the weather was so crummy and unpredictable that we decided to just hangout. We walked to this breakfast place and then took the boys swimming. (Aden, Casey’s son, is such an amazing swimmer for his age! People were amazed at how well he could move about the water and hold his breath.) We then showered, and while I was getting ready and Sebby was about to fall asleep, the fire alarm went off in the building. This set us off into total panic. It ended up being nothing, but I couldn’t imagine if it actually were a fire being in a high rise.

Once the boys woke up, we made our way to a Cuban restaurant down the road from us. Of course you can’t come to Miami without visiting one! After we were finished, we headed down Lincoln Street which is a pedestrian street filled with shopping, cafes, restaurants, and touristy stores. I copped a new pair of Nike’s, had a coffee, and eventually made my way back.

Later that night, we went to another vegan restaurant called Plant. It was just Casey, her husband, a long- time friend of hers, and I this time. Again, what a wonderful experience to enjoy such a healthy meal with so many rich flavors. I could barely tell it was all plant based dishes. Even their desserts were plant based and tasted exquisite.

Cheese platter & Tomato Bruschetta appetizers

Cheesecake & Dark Chocolate Platter

Monday morning we departed back to Tampa. Although it was such a short trip, it was nice to get away for some time before the new baby arrives. It gave me a sense of myself again, and now I’m really ready to lock down and get prepared for this baby. Only a few short weeks left and it hardly seems real.