Thing’s I’m Looking Forward to After Pregnancy

  1. Meeting my new little one (duh..)
  2. Chest snuggles & tiny feet
  3. Not peeing in the night
  4. Sushi!!
  5. Cycling Classes
  6. Baby Breath
  7. Bonding as a family of four
  8. Having a drink once in a while
  9. Returning to Volcano Bay and going down all the slides and excursions (Being fully active)
  10. No more pelvic pain (hopefully)
  11. Sleeping on my stomach again
  12. Wearing cute clothes again (New Wardrobe, yay!)

Thing’s I’ll Miss About Pregnancy

  1. Eating anything I want when I want
  2. Looking good in a bikini no matter what
  3. Not working out as hard
  4. Not having a period
  5. Having amazing skin, hair, & nails
  6. My bump and it’s small movements
  7. Sleep (naps)
  8. Hubby rubbing my feet every night
  9. The Sex (If you were wondering…Probably not, ha)
  10. Using my bump as a seat for my son when he wants to be held



My feet get so swollen and dry near the end of pregnancy…