I woke up today a little hungover I guess you could say. Headache, tired, didn’t want to get out of bed? It’s crazy how only two drinks on a date night makes me feel these days… I haven’t really drank much since having my daughter, and I’m fine with that but it’s just crazy to me how terrible I felt early this morning.

As a mom you have to really rally and get your shit together quick because there’s no time to sit on your phone for hours, go and get brunch, or sleep until noon anymore. 

We had made plans with our friends to do something different and fun with our boys this morning. I took a Tylenol, chugged some water, and went about my day. I got everyone ready, and met our friends up to pick strawberries at a strawberry field.

Right now is the best time to pick strawberries in Florida. The weather is warm, not too hot and humid yet. The Strawberry Festival has been going on for the last two weeks now, and just came to an end.

I’m from Michigan and the strawberry festivals there don’t happen until the weather warms up in June. I never went to one while living there because the cities they had them in were kind of far from where I lived.

This year we didn’t make it to the festival, but my son and I had fun picking strawberries together. He was running up and down the rows and finding yummy, red berries.

Sebastian loved eating the strawberries! They tasted so much better than store bought, that’s for sure.
When we got back we made strawberry ice pops!
These strawberries tasted so sweet and organic.

I hope you did something fun this weekend!