The Lindberg family loves surprises including Nick. They always try and do something funny and get you when you least expect it.

Last year we threw a 4th of July party and I brought over plates and flags, shirts, and different decorations for it. I even made pretzel jello desert! This year when they asked if I wanted a party I didn’t really want to have one because of how much work it can be. I just thought it’d be nice to take it day by day while we were in Sweden visiting friends and family and keep it simple.

Once we arrived in Sweden and started to get settled, I had this feeling something might still be in the works.  Nick and I kept trying to make plans on certain days and try and meet with different people. We did, but it was funny when Nick’s mom said that, Benny, Nick’s brother, was having a dinner Friday night and that it was important we be there. I knew something was up.

As the day got closer I’d ask Nick questions like “What should I wear?” “Do you know who’s coming?” “What are you wearing?” “Is it casual?” His usual response was, “I don’t know.”

I had thankfully brought a nice, summery dress with me just in case we were to do something like a maternity shoot here or a nice dinner. I pulled it out the day prior and Nick’s mom, Ingrid, said that that would be perfect. So, I thought well this must be a nice occasion then.

At this point, I really thought we were going to a nice dinner at his brothers place, with his family and old buddies he used to play hockey with joining us. Lindsey and I were both still nervous though and were confused of the vague details of it all.

Friday came and after we had gotten back from the gym, Nick’s nieces came over to hangout with us for the day. We got ready and went to Nacka Strand. A place on the water that you can walk around and watch the boats come and go while having a fika or lunch/dinner. I asked Nick’s oldest niece, Denise, if she had gotten the news that the dinner had been changed from 5 to 6 o’clock. She smiled a bit and kind of laughed and replied with a simple “yes.” I was like, “Why are you laughing? What’s so funny?” She just said, “nothing” and went back to her phone. I began to think, hmmmm something’s going on at this dinner but I wonder what? I better look good just incase it’s some surprise that they’re infamous for.

On our way back from Nacka Strand we stopped at a little recreation area where you can get a small treat and do things like putt putt golf, jump off rocks, and walk trails. We just went there to kill some time and grab a smoothie. There we ran into one of Nick’s cousins that we hadn’t seen yet. I wondered if I would see him and his family at the dinner that night, but he didn’t mention anything so I just assumed he wasn’t.

After we got back to Nick’s moms, we changed and freshened up. As we got ready and I packed up Sebby I was getting a little stressed. I felt like I was doing everything (lol) and making sure we were out the door in time. Once we got in the car, Ingrid said she had to drop something off for Denise at Sussie’s, Nick’s sisters place, before heading over. Denise was leaving the next day for a week long vacation so I didn’t think it was weird but I did think we’ll be seeing her in a minute at Benny’s. They live so close though it really didn’t phase me.

We pull up to Sussie’s, and Ingrid gets out. Then Nick starts to get out. Ingrid then comes around the car and opens my door. She says to me, “Come on.” I respond, “No, that’s okay I’ll wait here.” Then she smiles and says, “No, come on, we all have to go in.” That’s when I knew they had a surprise planned.

I walk up the back and I see their party tent set up with pink and blue balloons. Then, around the corner, everyone standing there waiting for our arrival. I was about to start crying when they yelled surprise but then quickly pulled myself together. I just started hugging everyone I first came in contact with because I think I was a little nervous and obviously surprised. I was so happy to have everyone there too. No one had ever thrown a surprise party for me before! To have it be for our newest addition and I, surrounded by friends and family who wouldn’t be able to make the one I’m having in America was so special.

Sussie and Ingrid really had out done themselves. The decorations, cakes, games! It was all just so nice and I was so happy Sussie had thrown one so everyone could be apart of such a special time in our lives.

I received small gifts so I’d be able to take them home with me, such as: small wooden toys, clothes and hats for baby, blankets, and some things for me.

One of Nick’s Nieces, Cornelia

Ingrid & I

Lindsey & I

Guess What’s in the Diaper?

Look at that diaper cake!

Bottle Chugging Contest

Homemade Cakes

All the cousins!

Sussie & Denise

From what I understand, people in Sweden don’t really do baby showers because of superstition reasons. They don’t feel that buying things before the baby is born is a necessity and can be done by the father the day after the baby is born. This is how it’s always been over there, and I’m sure it is changing now and slowly becoming more popular, but I feel like we’d see reveal parties there before a baby shower.

Sussie had to do a lot of research in order to understand what exactly a traditional American baby shower is. I think she did a great job, and definitely pulled it off though!