Summertime in Florida can be brutal at times, especially if you’re pregnant. Air conditioning is my closest ally. It’s definitely hot, gets humid, and the ocean is too warm to feel refreshed. When you walk from your car into a store, you will probably break a sweat. It might rain for most of the morning and then clear up and have blue skies for the rest of the day, or the complete opposite. As long as you are near a pool though, you can still manage to enjoy this short period of time here.

Today, friends of ours hosted a bbq and it could not have been a more perfect day for one! It was clear, blue skies, and of course, hot. The breeze off the ocean helped keep us from melting, along with their pool. We enjoyed a plethora of food and our boys had the time of their lives together per usual.

Their son and ours are the cutest of friends. They were talking gibberish to one another and sharing snacks, giving hugs, and encouraging each other to throw rocks in the pool and then laugh. They really aren’t supposed to do that, but it’s hard to constantly discipline them not to. All kids do it, it’s just too tempting.

Sebastian and Aden

Today Sweden played against Germany in FIFA World Cup, hence the jersey. They unfortunately lost with only 10 seconds left! This did not go over well with Nick to say the least.

My friend Casey and my new friend Crystal


I hope you’re enjoying summer like us!