House hunting, putting your home on the market, and renting out your place can all seem like daunting tasks. As a buyer, you think of all the things you want and/or need in a home; as a seller you try and imagine what will bring value to your home. How can you get your home off the market the fastest? Who are you trying to sell too? Who do I use to utilize as much space when staging for a sale?

Two main points in a sale are very important when putting your home on the market:

One is finding a real estate agent who understands the selling points of your home. With the right agent, you will find that they will not only highlight the best parts of your home to the buyer, but enhance the not so intriguing parts of your home as well. This includes beautiful staging if need be, wide lens photography with bright enhancements for the website, and they may ask you to tweak a few things as well. This may include your fence on the side of the house that may need a little RNR, or a fan that looks a little dusty, a piece of furniture that needs a little love, or an appliance that needs to get replaced. Paint does wonders too, so a real estate agent may recommend you paint a room or do some touch up work on the baseboards. 

The second thing that I think a certain buyer may look for in a home are rooms that can become great spaces. For example an office space, or a space for a nursery or playroom. As a mom of two babies myself, when I look for a rental or a potential home to buy I always look for a space that would be great for a playroom or kids room. We just recently moved into a new rental, and a huge selling point for me was the media/playroom they had staged. When we walked into this space I immediately imagined my children playing and watching their favorite cartoons and how perfectly our couch would fit in this space. Then there was a room for an office space that strategically had a desk in it. This made my husbands eyes pop.

“A space closed off from the kids and my wife where I can quietly get work done?” I imagined he was thinking. “This would be a great space for me and my desk.”

Also, if the walls of these rooms are all a neutral color it makes it easier for a buyer/renter to imagine making a space their own. If a kids room is pink for example and the buyer/renter has a boy you’ll end up having to change the color of the room anyways, so it’s good to stay neutral with paint colors.

Another thing to think about is the time of year you’re in when selling a home. Fall is near and the fall decor is overflowing off the shelves of stores. I don’t think you need to go overboard with the decorations, but maybe adding a few glass pumpkins to the counter top of your kitchen, lighting a fall scented candle, or adding fall leaves to the entryway furniture could set a tone for your buyer/renter. This is just meant to add to the feel of being lived in, hopefully allowing the customer to imagine themselves and their families living in the space. 

Just remember that a realtor is your best bet in achieving these enhancements of a home. Getting a second opinion is crucial in making sure you don’t miss anything, and that your home is put on the market properly. I’ve known a few realtors over the years and the few mistakes “For Sale by Owner” make are ones professionals would never miss. It’s the attention to detail and the understanding of an area or neighborhood that will grab the attention of the buyer/renter and get your home off the market as soon as possible. That’s the goal right? For a realtor in the Jacksonville area I’d recommend using Erin King Jax Historic Realty. He is the best in the biz and can find the charm in any home. If you are looking for a historic home, he is your guy since he specializes in Jacksonville’s historic neighborhoods. He also has a deep understanding of buying and selling and enjoys sharing that knowledge with clients. This is especially beneficial for new buyers.

Best of luck in your sale, rental, or search for a home!