After about twelve hours of traveling, we finally arrived at our destination!

My husband is originally from Sweden and all his family still lives there. In 2016 we didn’t go because I was pregnant with our son, but other than that we’ve come every summer since we’ve been together. We hope to continue this tradition for summers to come.

This trip it’s my husband, our son, and our newest addition, my sister and baby belly! It’s so beautiful in Sweden. It’s clean, fresh feeling, and such a simpler way of life. Each time we come there’s always something new for us to do or see. We have lots of family and friends to visit with as always, and I can’t wait to show my sister around.

Our son did great on the flight! We left in the evening so by the time 9PM rolled around and we caught our connecting flight to Sweden, he was ready for bed. We scored an extra seat, and he slept 5 out of the 7/8 hours we had there. He is suffering from jet lag though since we’ve arrived. It was so much easier last year when he was smaller and slept whenever and wherever we took him. There’s just so much to take in, and the time change is messing so badly with his regular schedule that his body is completely confused. I’m trying my best to make sure he isn’t too overwhelmed though, and I’m hoping that in the next day or two he gets better.

Besides being a bit tired, we are having a great time so far, and the weather is just amazing! It’s sunny and warm, with no humidity! This pregnant mamma couldn’t be happier.

We arrived in Sweden at around noon, so then we had at least a half a day to stay awake. There is a 6 hour time difference between FL and Stockholm. As hard as we tried to stay awake the whole day, Lindsey, myself, and Sebby all took an hour long nap just as the FIFA Swedish game was starting. No worries though because we caught the end of it with Sweden winning against Mexico!! Their next game is this coming Tuesday.

The sun only sets for a few hours each night. Sets around 10:30PM and then rising at around 4AM.

This morning it’s a bit chilly as we get ready to head into town, but that’s typical of Swedish summer. Yesterday we enjoyed a lovely day at the beach and bbq with family for our first full day in Sweden. The weather was in the 80s.









We showed my sister, Lindsey, Old Town and then walked into the city where we had a nice lunch. We traveled past the castle and city hall as we made our way. Then we met up with Nick’s sister in a park nearby and went to the Espresso House (you can find one at every corner of the city and in every mall; it’s like their Starbucks) for Fika. Fika is to have coffee often accompanied with pastries, pie, or some sort of snack. We then made our way back to our car while making some small stops to shop quick. Stockholm just got it’s first Lululemon there so we took a peek in, but the prices are cheaper in America.

We then ended the day with a nice meal at home with Nick’s brother and his wife. I then decided to stay home while Nick and Lindsey went downtown for the night.

It’s been a nice first few days so far! Looking forward to the rest of our trip and spending it with friends and family.