I feel like everyday is a busy day with two little ones, but this weekend was one of those weekends where everything was going on all at once. We had so much going that I thought I’d share with you a brief recap of what we did and where we went!

I feel like Thursday really kicked off the weekend with two events I was really excited about being a part of. Thursday afternoon I held a donations relief drive through Babycycle for the victims of Hurricane Dorian with my friend Casey at our favorite, Playgrounds of Tampa. After filling my car with donations, I quickly headed over to my friend Heathers for her event she was having showcasing her new business venture called, Thats My Jam. It is in short terms, a pajama party for women who can come to a space that is free of judgment and allows women to take time for themselves and hopefully create new friendships. She’s looking to eventually plan these parties at other women’s desired locations and bring in vendors of their choice based on a theme the customer wants such as: sex, beauty, finance, and charity.

Babycycle Donations Drive – Casey, Me, Torrie (Babycycle Founder)

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#pjsallday Event – Caroline, Me, Monica, Alivia
#pjsallday Event – Me, Caroline, Heather, Danielle

Friday morning we woke up early (every morning is early with kiddos but), I had my babysitter come by because Nick was working and I was taking Bianca to her very special, one year old cake smash photoshoot. Some may think that this is just an outrageous concept, but I honestly think that there is nothing cuter than seeing a baby dig into their very first birthday cake and have it documented! If I would have known about cake smashes when my son was turning one, I definitely would have had one for him as well. But I wouldn’t have known about Dakota Moore (the best in the biz) at that point either, so in the end everything happens for a reason.

cake smash session

I then started off to the Babycycle warehouse in St. Petersburg, FL where I dropped off my car full of donations from the day before.

After, I headed to International Mall where I met Nick and Sebastian at Rocco’s Tacos for lunch and brought the rest of Bianca’s cake from her cake smash in so we could sing to her and eat what was leftover. Later that evening, Nick and I got ourselves and the kids ready for family pictures on Honeymoon Island. (If you haven’t been to Honeymoon Island I highly recommend, especially for sunset). We haven’t had family pictures done since becoming a family of four, so this was very fun and special. The kids were having a blast running in the shallow water and out again, nakey. I love creating memories like these. Also taken by the wonderful Dakota Moore.

Honeymoon Island Beach – iPhone quality does not do this picture justice

Saturday morning I was exhausted, but pulled through and packed up myself, the babies, and the rest of the car for a night at my parents for my dads birthday! He turned 54 if you were wondering, and we celebrated him with a dinner and special guests. My Aunts, Laurie who lives in Switzerland and her sister Donna who lives in Washington state, took a trip to Florida to visit family including us. So, they were able to join us for my dad’s birthday dinner.

Donna, Mom, Laurie, Bianca, Me, Nick, Sebby, Dad

I do have to share that before Nick, I, and the kids walked into the restaurant that evening, I saw an older man standing by his car alone looking in our direction. I grabbed Bianca out of her carseat and Nick grabbed Sebastian. We then were each preoccupied with our babies we held as we walked closer towards the entrance. I then realized this older man was in fact starring at us with a huge smile on his face. He said something too Nick and I and we stopped to greet him. I could tell there was something he had on his mind, something he wanted to say. He began to say something like how the kids got their hair color from me he’d assumed but I then assured him it was from Nick and his Swedish in him. The man then told us he was an olympic downhill skier in his day and that he would compete against a lot of Swedes and Finnish men.

He said, “They were the ones with the long blonde hair. You could always tell which ones were the Swedish ones.” Nick and I both agreed and laughed with him. Then, he said something that literally made my heart stop.

Besides saying what a beautiful family we had…

He said, “I envy you.” Still with a smile on his face.

Right then, I knew that was what he was thinking the entire time we walked towards him. He just smiled and nothing came out of my mouth. I was lost for words. I just nodded because I knew if I had said something I would’ve burst out in tears like I am right now writing this; running nose and puffy eyes and all.

Nick said thank you, and the man began to get into his car.

I walked up to meet my parents, and my mom asked what he had said and I literally tried to tell her what he said but I just immediately started crying. Trying to pull myself together for the sake that we had guests and what not, I turned away. But I don’t think I’ll ever forget that man and the look he had in his eyes. I’ll always wonder what his life story was and how he ended up here and in my path. Did he have a family like mine that he missed or did he never get the chance? Why was he getting in his car alone? And did God just send me a sign?

I’ll save this for another time, but I have been dealing with depression since my kids were born and lately with moving and everything I’ve been so stressed and depressed and get this random rage sometimes I can’t control. I can’t help but think that this was a sign that I need to start living more in the present and not take for granted what I have been so blessed to call mine and enjoy. I know life will not always be this “hard,” but it can also be a lot harder. I swear to you this man and his three small words has helped me in the last 24 hours more than you can imagine. A change in my mindset, a reminder to be more grateful for what I have, especially my family and our health.

Sunday morning, we woke up in Sarasota (where my parents live) and took a day off from any worries in our lives and headed for Siesta Key Beach. (Nick and I’s favorite beach and the one we got married on). We had such a great time, enjoying the warm sun on our backs, ocean, and most importantly playing trucks and eating snacks with the kids. I always feel so at peace there and it was something I think we all benefitted from… A little vitamin-sea for sure.

This week/upcoming weekend I have my mother-in-law coming into town, which we are all so excited about especially since we weren’t able to go to Sweden this summer to visit. We also have Bianca’s actual one year old birthday to celebrate with close friends and family. I’m not throwing her a huge party, I’m saving those for when she’s older, haha. Besides, I’d say I thoroughly enjoyed the cake smash session and Bianca thoroughly enjoyed her cake. So now she’ll get to have two cakes and all will be right in the world. “Feed Me Cake and Tell Me I’m Pretty…” I think that’s the saying, right?

Anyways, I hope you all have a great week! If you want to stay up-to-date on what we’re up to be sure to follow me on social media.