This title makes me laugh because I’m literally about to POP!

If you are new to following me, Surprise! I’m pregnant and due in a few weeks. I’m 38 weeks pregnant and 2 days now and feeling all the feels. Emotionally and physically I’m overwhelmed with tons of different feelings.

It’s hard to explain, but you’ll get me if you’ve ever been pregnant before. I just feel like I clean, rearrange, find more things to clean/organize, eat, try and sit down but then have to chase after my son, and then by eight o’clock I’m exhausted. Nesting much?! Hell yes…

I feel like my mind is foggy because I know I have all these things to do on top of normal daily life and finding time to rest feels like it’s hard to do.. it’s just a bunch of different things going on in my head at once and I’m feeling the pressure, literally. I’m feeling huge, and doing anything is a task, but I want to do them! This baby is coming any day now. It’s fair game for everyone involved..

I struggle to find my breath in this humidity, but my hips and ligament pain have gotten better. I’m like addicted to chewing ice lately, which is a habit I’ve had on and off throughout my life, but it’s come back in full force. My body is tired, I think it’s telling me to rest up because the big day is coming soon. I’ve also been just eating constantly. (Carbs, and more Carbs!) Putting on make up and doing my hair is such a task too. And these feet! besides still having healing ant bites on them, they’re pretty swollen and I’ve got that waddle down to a tee.

It may sound like I’m over being pregnant, but I’m not. It’s just a matter of adjusting to new things every week!

At our 36 week appointment, one of our doctors said that he thinks this baby will be bigger than expected and that I wasn’t dilated at all. He scheduled us for a sonogram at 38 weeks (which was yesterday) to measure baby’s weight to determine if I should be induced again or not. They said the ultrasound roughly weighed baby at 7.5lbs give or take a little. ( We unfortunately had a hard time seeing his/her face because it’s feeties and hands were in the way.) Baby also has hair, and is head down. They aren’t looking to induce me anymore because baby is smaller than my first and they said that the second go around is a lot easier and more quick. I’m also only 1 cm dilated still since last week. The doctor said that baby is going to come when it wants, so it’s time to play the waiting game. Oh baby, are we getting close!

I’ve gone through my son’s clothes from when he was a newborn. We’ve rearranged a lot and reorganized a ton (with the help of my mom) the last few weeks. Also, if I’m having a girl we’re screwed (Hubby’s screwed) because I’m just now realizing we have no girly clothes. We’ve purchased new furniture and grabbed a few last minute items for me and baby too. I think we are almost completely ready for it’s arrival at this point, just a few things here and there.

Today I’ve been thinking a lot about the birth of this baby. All the things that could happen or not happen. Giving birth is an experience you really have no control over no matter how much you try and plan before. You may be prepared for how it might go down and then it turns out to happen the total opposite way you thought. I’ve also been having flashbacks from what it was like right after having my son. I remember just being in so much pain and other things that I’ll save for a different post. I think that I was just very unprepared for what was about to happen, but now that I’ve done it once I know what to expect. Maybe that’s why I’m a little more freaked out this time around?

I truly though cannot wait to meet this little one and become a family of four. Life will only get more full with each little being we decide to bring into this world, and it’ll be worth every hardship that comes along with it. There’s nothing easy about being a mom, but their smiles, laughs, hugs, and wet kisses are what makes it all worth it.

Stay tuned for more to come in the next few days until our next appointment. You never know, by this weekend I could be writing a “Welcome to the World Little One” post! (I don’t think that’ll actually happen, but who knows.)