Whether you just had a baby (like me) or not, you can always benefit from new Netflix recommendations!

When I’m at home, breastfeeding takes up a lot of my time and doesn’t give me an opportunity to do anything else besides sit down. During this down time, I either spend that time looking at my new angel, searching my phone, or watching TV.

I recently came upon a great show and thought, “everyone (women especially) should watch this show!”

So, I’ve put together five of my favorite shows to watch on Netflix.

1. GirlBoss

This is the show I most recently binged and it is so good! Pretty vulgar, but if you are a fan (or not) of the clothing brand NastyGal this is your show. It’s about the creator of NastyGal, in the early 2000s, starting up her business. She faces many challenges along the way, but never gives up! Hubby even got into it!

2. Santa Clarita Diet

Starring Drew Barrymore, Santa Clarita Diet is funny, a little out there, and a tad bit gory. If you have a weak stomach I’d recommend to “watch with caution.” I seriously couldn’t stop watching it once I got past the first two episodes, and was so sad when there wasn’t a season 3 out yet!

3. Ozark

Starring Jason Bateman, Ozark is honestly a pretty dark show. It takes place mostly in the Ozarks with his wife and two kids. I watched the first season with my husband, but couldn’t take watching the second. It’s very interesting but can take your mind to a dark place if you let it. A lot of people love this show though, and I’d recommend giving it a chance.

4. Friends From College

I just started watching the first season of this show and it’s pretty funny so far! I look forward to finishing it and starting the second season that just came out.

5. Narcos

Narcos is hands down THE best show I’ve ever watched! Hubby and I couldn’t wait until our son went to bed so we could binge however many episodes we could before we were too tired. There are 3 seasons and although the third isn’t as great as the first two, for obvious reasons I can’t say, this show is amazing.