Nick and I have a yearly pass to the Tampa Lowry Park Zoo. I try and take Sebby there at least once a month. Today I took him with a mom friend of mine, Rachel, and her two boys. These animals they have there are rehibilitated ones and are usually let back into the wild or stay there due to certain conditions.

There are so many fun things to do there. Some of our favorite parts to visit at this zoo are the stingray exhibit, where we get to pet the stingrays. This is probably more my favorite then Sebastian’s because he’s pretty scared to touch them but loves to watch. Anyways, we also love the bird exhibit where you get to feed the birds if you want, and last but not least the splash pad area where we get to cool off and have some fun with the kiddos (mostly make sure they don’t slip, or push or shove other kids, but ya).

If you’re ever in Tampa and need something fun to do with the little ones this place is the best. You don’t have to stay long because it’s not that big, and it’s very kid friendly!