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A blog geared towards young moms out there who need a friend. Being a mom of  two babies, I definitely have gone through pretty much it all when it comes to having a baby, living on your own, and becoming a literal wifey. Let me tell ya, I wish I had found an outlet I could reference to for all my questions and stories when it was all happening so fast. Not to mention easy meal ideas for not only my baby but baby daddy and me! I couldn’t stand cooking before, mostly because I never had to prior, but now it’s become apart of my daily life.

I’m here to be that outlet you can go to for help and support. I want you to know you will struggle, and might want to give up at times, but we’ll make it through together. We can grow and make mistakes together while having a good laugh too. 

Conceived and cultivated in Detroit, MI, I have always been ambitious and strive to make progress. I don’t judge, trust me, because I have no room to. I highly believe in things happening for a reason, and I look forward for what’s to come next in my life. Now living in Tampa, FL with my two kiddos and hubby, I wake up everyday grateful to see another sunny morning. 

Welcome to YYM 

You can also find some of my contributor pieces on the mommyspottampa.com blog space.

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