Or “Fika” as they like to call it in Swedish. This past Christmas, “Santa” and our friends and family helped us gift my daughter with the ultimate tea party set-up for afternoon playtime.

Here’s what we got her:

  1. Tea Set (Obviously) – It’s made of tin so it won’t break. I loved that it had a carrying case for tea time anywhere. You can also find this product in different designs at Walmart.
Gifted by one of her grandmas, my mil.

2. Cake Pop Shop – This is THE cutest thing! I had to get it for her.

3. Espresso Maker – She and my son ask me everyday if I want more coffee. They clearly know me and my needs very well.

4. Melissa and Doug Birthday Cake – She thinks it’s someone’s birthday everyday so I made it official with this unofficial cake.

5. Kids Table – One of the cutest kids tables I’ve ever seen!

Gifted by a friend.