1. postpartum underwear // 2. headphones // 3. nipple cream // 4. nursing bra // 5. baby mittens // 6. toiletries + makeup bag // 7. postpartum belly band // 8. nursing pillow // 9. chargers // 10. baby hat // 11. scrunchie // 12. brush // 13. baby bow // 14. swaddle // 15. baby socks // 16. pillow // 17. newborn outfit-onesie // 18. flip flops // 19. water bottle // 20. snacks-food // 21. comfy outfit // 22. comfy, full coverage robe // 23. breast pump // 24. carseat // 25. diapers

Better late than never! 38 weeks pregnant and finally got around to packing my hospital bag over the long Labor Day weekend. Since I’ve gone through this once all ready, I have a pretty good idea of what I will need and what I know I can count on the hospital for. I’ll be bringing a few things that I probably still won’t use but just for the “just in case” purpose I am.

I’ve watched all the YouTube videos on what everyone else is bringing (more with my first) and I think mines a good combination of things I’ll need for myself and for those first few moments for my baby.

Also, remember that your significant other needs to pack a small bag for themselves also. This can be done pretty last minute though.

For Mama

Postpartum underwear – I know that I’ll be in the hospital’s beautiful mesh undies until I head home, or maybe I’ll wear them home too, but I’m packing a pair of mine also.

Headphones – I made my own Spotify playlist to listen to during labor. I didn’t do that last time, but definitely think it’s a good idea this time around. I was going to bring our MegaBoom, but I don’t want everyone to listen to my music.

Nipple Cream – I love the Bamboobies brand nipple cream. You definitely need to bring some especially if you plan on breastfeeding. Your baby will be attached to your chest and nipples as much as possible those first few days to stimulate milk.

Nursing Bra – Again, If you plan on breastfeeding your definitely going to want to bring your own comfy, easy access bra.

Toiletries + Makeup – Can’t forget your personable’s! Toothbrush, contact solution/case, face wash, lotion, maybe a razor, small perfume, etc. Also, I’m hoping I go into labor with a full face of make up unintentionally because last time I was induced so early in the morning I didn’t wear any and I totally regret it looking back on pictures. Obviously I’m going to look like hell, but some make up might make me feel better especially about pictures with my new baby. So I’ll bring the essentials: concealer, bronzer, eyebrow pencil, mascara, and chapstick!

Postpartum Belly Band – Last time I had my son I did not have one of these, but totally wish I did! I’m hoping this will help reduce swelling and add to the fact of contracting my uterus back to normal. Not sure if I’ll wear this in the hospital, but maybe for my trip home so I’m bringing it just in case.

Nursing Pillow – This is huge! You have to bring one of these to help with feeding. This pillow is amazing and makes breastfeeding more comfortable. ( Here is a chart to show different feeding positions you can use and practice once baby is born: Positions + Tips.)

Chargers – I brought my computer and big camera last time with their chargers and they honestly just became wasted luggage space. I will only be bringing my phone and it’s charger this time around. I don’t think I’ll be on my computer during my stay at the hospital. My husband will probably bring his computer backpack though.

Scrunchie – Make sure to bring those scrunchies/ ponytails! You’ll need them!

Brush – Also, don’t forget your brush! Need to brush out those snarls after the workout your about to endure.

Pillow – I really loved having my own pillow in the hospital. It made me feel more comfortable and not as grossed out about germs.

Flip Flops – Definitely need a pair of flip flops for showering and walking around the room unless you wear socks.

Water Bottle – You don’t have to bring your own water bottle, but I have one that I use almost everyday and I’ll want to have my own there if I remember to grab it.

Food – This might not make it in with me but I’m packing some granola bars and snacks so I definitely have something to munch on afterwards that I like.. I want to bring already made food in Tupperware for when after baby is born but if that is not in the plans, I’ll just have whoever is visiting go and get me food. (The hospital food isn’t that great.)

Going Home Outfit – I’m packing a pair of loose sweats and a t-shirt for me to go home in. Nothing fancy, I’m going for the more comfortable route.

Robe – I am bringing my huge, comfy robe to wear throughout my stay at the hospital. The night gown is fine to wear during delivery but afterwards I want something comfy, but also accessible and easy to take on and off. I did not have a robe last time and really wish I had.

Breast Pump – You really don’t have to bring this but I am because I want the nurses and lactation consultants to just go over how to properly use it with me before heading home. It’s been a while since I used one last.

For Baby

Baby Mittens – I never used these with my son, but definitely wish I had. These little guys will keep your baby from scratching him /herself those first few days of life.

Baby Hats – I’m going to bring a going home outfit with a cute little bear ears hat I had when my son was born. The hospital does provide you with their hats though too.

Baby Bow – I’m not sure if I’m having a boy or a girl, but just incase it’s a girl I definitely want to put her in a bow!

Swaddle – They have hospital swaddles but I’m going to bring one to bring him/her home in.

Baby Socks – Again, they’ll have socks but I’m going to bring a pair just in case.

Newborn Outfit – I’m bringing two newborn gender neutral onesie outfits to bring our babe home in. Again you don’t have to because they provide little shirts but it’s something to obviously keep in mind.

Carseat – This is obviously essential to bring. You cannot go home without an infant carseat. Before you check out to leave the hospital, you go through a quick 15 minute run through on basic things such as bathing your babe, feeding, and safety. You’ll then properly place your babe in it’s carseat and they will check if you put him/her in correctly.

Diapers – You don’t need to bring diapers at all because the hospital provides you with them, but I’m bringing like one or two just in case. Sometimes if you have a certain brand or kind you like it’s best to bring your own. The hospital usually has Huggies brand or Pampers. (I’m more of a Pampers mom, but honestly don’t care that much in the beginning.

And that’s it!

I hope this helps you on your quest on putting together your hospital bag! Remember not to overly pack because it’s a nuisance to drag all the way there and back without using anything.