Having two sick children… What’s worse than that? Two sick kids and a sick SAH (stay-at-home) mom who has to take care of the two sick kids.

Instead of this being a “5 Things to get your Significant Other this Valentine’s Day,” I’ve decided to give you the real and the raw, married with two kids, Valentine’s Day post.

But first, let’s all just be real for a second here and agree that Valentine’s Day is the most dull holidays of them all. I personally think that it is overrated and that it’s just another reason for consumers to spend money. Now, I will say, now that I have kids that I look forward to doing heart shaped crafts, and help making Valentines Cards for my kid’s classes one day. But we haven’t reached that age yet. When it comes to dates, or celebrating the day with your significant other though, it’s mostly a waste of money.

You want to take me out to dinner, on one of the most busiest nights of the year, and spend an arm and a leg on an overly priced meal that would usually be more than half that price. Then, I should expect a box of chocolates (no thanks) and roses (not totally against the flowers), and some sort of gift or cheesy card?

You know what would be even more amazing than any of those things? My significant other coming home with flowers for me on some random day because he was just thinking of me, or a date night not forced but because we both feel like we deserve it and need it as a couple. I guess what I’m saying is, I don’t understand why something nice has to be done or given to me on a specific day.

You want to make me or any mom for that matter happy this Valentine’s Day. Do the dishes for her, fold the laundry, empty the dishwasher, cook her a nice meal at home, help put the babies to bed, make sure they get their medicine if they’re sick, write her something on how much you appreciate her, tell her a funny story to help her get her mind off all the things she has to do or did that day.

Right now, my son has the flu. He hasn’t had it before, but this has been a sickness that has gone on for over three weeks now. We’ve taken him in 4 times, and previous to today he wasn’t checked for the flu at all. He was checked for RSV (negative), I was told his lungs sounded fine another time and was given an antibiotic incase it was a sinus infection. Then he came down with a low-grade fever this past weekend and that’s when I started to get really worried. He threw up tonight and his cough just keeps getting worse. He’s now on Tamiflu and a stronger antibiotic.

My daughter has been fighting a cold, and a cough for about the same amount of time and she seems to get better, than not so much, and then better. I’ve taken her in more than my son, and I will be spending my morning at the pediatrician getting her tested for the flu tomorrow. This is what you call life with two kids. They’ve been passing sicknesses back-and-forth between the two of them for weeks and we just can’t get rid of it! She had an ear infection and is now just finishing up her antibiotics for it. But I am sick to my stomach thinking that she might have what my son does now. I’m so tired of going to the pediatricians office. I just want my babies better, and for flu season to be over.

How am I supposed to prevent these sicknesses from going from one to the other? I wash their hands, especially my sons, I wash mine constantly, I clean our place a lot, but I can’t keep them apart that much. I’m a SAH mom and my son doesn’t go to school, but even if he did, if he’s sick he’s not going to class.

My husband and I since being married and having our babies, have had our fair share of arguments and fights. A lot of it comes from stress and being busy with so many factors of our lives now. It’s hard to find the time to sit and actually talk to one another. Not just glide on by throughout the day and ask the basic, everyday questions like “how was work,” “what time did Seb wake up?” “when was the last time she was fed..”

Marriage is tough, but there are so many ways to make it better. Listening to one another, making time, and communicating with one another are huge for us. If we aren’t on the same page about things, we tend to argue. It’s normal, but I don’t want it to get worse. I want it to get better and improve everyday. I’m working on myself and our relationship, and learning how to find a balance. Balance is the toughest part of marriage with kids I think.

3 Weeks PP
At a friends wedding

My husband is the most helpful, hardworking, and generous man to me. With the kids being sick and family being in town recently, he’s really been there for me and that’s really worth more than any box of chocolates he could give. I guess when your married or in a relationship for a long time, you realize that yes it’s nice to get a gift once in a while, but the ones that stick out the most are the ones that don’t intend to be gifts at all.

This Valentine’s Day, give the gift of pure love and maybe a lil’ something more. Love doesn’t just come from material things and fancy dinners, but can be shown in many other ways too.

Happy Valentine’s Day from this sick momma, to you! We will be living another day as if it isn’t a holiday and just supporting each other through the shit.