Summer is upon us, and the kids are out of school! Maybe you are trying to figure out how to keep your kid(s) occupied for the summer, without having them glued to the TV, while also maintaining some sort of structure? is your #1 educational site for pre-k through 5 years old and is created by teachers with parents in mind. I’ve teamed up with to give you a peak inside what they have to offer you and your growing toddler!

They have over 30,000 lessons and activities on different subjects and areas you’d like your son or daughter to work on. Each set of worksheets are based off of their age and grade, helping them put in that extra bit of effort to stay sharp while getting creative and having fun! They also offer a progress tracker, which I thought was pretty neat.

I think this resource is also great if your child is on the younger side (like my son), still at home with you, and you want to start introducing more of a curriculum to them.

 I thought it’d be appropriate to kick off this collab with Memorial Day in mind since we just celebrated the important holiday!

Prepare for fireworks and learning to collide this memorial day with a fun tracer sheet. Below.

More examples:

Visit for more practice in fine motor skills!