Of course it would be ideal to have our son fully potty trained before our next baby is born, but my husband and I both know that that is not going to happen. Although our son has been doing amazing these past few weeks, I think we still have some ways to go before we officially reach the finish line.

They say boys tend to take a little more time to potty train than girls, but I think our son has done amazing these past few weeks. I’ve been able to stay home with him more lately and really train him to use the potty.

Our day begins with my husband or I getting our son from his bed. Then, we usually sit him down for breakfast right away with some TV time (background noise). After we have finished breakfast I’ll undress him right at the table before letting him run wild. He lately has been saying “pee pee” as soon as I put him down and running to the bathroom. He’ll even tell Nick or I “bye-bye” as he sits done on the potty and make us close the door. Then, he’ll pop out and excitedly say “PEE PEE” and point to the bathroom. We go in and he has usually peed. He then just learned to pour his pee (with my supervision) into the toilet and flush, while saying ” bye pee pee.”

We’ll put a large shirt on him, but leave him naked for the morning until we head out to go somewhere. He’ll usually use the potty once or twice more after the initial pee pee, hopefully pooping at least once too.

Yesterday after his nap I made him naked again and he used the potty a few times in the afternoon. I even bought pull-ups to try them, but I’m not sure I’ll stick with them because they feel so much like a diaper he still goes in them even with the cool “Car” picture on the front. Also, they’re kind tough for him to pull down right now. A friend of mine told me that she trained her son by immediately putting him in underwear so if he peed it would obviously make him wet , but after 2/3 days they don’t do it anymore and learn to fully use the toilet.

Today while we were having dinner he actually told me he had to “pee pee” so I took him out of his chair and made him naked. He then ran for the potty, shut the door, and to my surprise actually pooped! I was so proud of him for telling me he had to go! He went two more times after that before getting ready for bed. Another poop and a pee pee!

I think we are getting close to being fully potty trained, but I still need to navigate through a few more obstacles and I’m hoping we’ll be able to keep up with it after baby is born.

Our son still needs to be taught how to pull his pants down to go, given I’ve been doing that for him every time. We also need to come up with a strategy to get him to tell us he has to go when we are out in public. And then, what do we do about going potty on an actual public toilet? Another dilemma, but we’ll quickly figure it out once we get to that point I’m sure.

I’ll be looking to other moms and articles regarding the next steps in our potty training journey. I’ll ¬†continue to keep you updated on our progress in the coming months.

My next purchase will be a potty training seat for the toilet so he gets used to it in hopes it’ll help him be less afraid to go in public.