My husband’s job demands of him every holiday, long weekend, summer vacation…you get the point.

Usually when people have vacation, Nick is his busiest. My husband is a former professional hockey player but is since retired and is now a hockey director at a rink here in Tampa. My point, if you haven’t gotten it already, is that in this line of work, he doesn’t work normal work hours. Not that he works less then anyone else, it’s just different.

This weekend, just like any other Memorial Weekend, he spent most of it at the rink coaching two teams. Lucky for him there’s been a tropical storm all weekend here in Florida, so being inside all day benefitted him. I went to the rink Friday night and most of the day Saturday because the weather wasn’t that great. I have a feeling I’ll be at a hockey tournament every Memorial Weekend for the rest of my life (lol)…

My son Sebastian loves going to the rink and watching hockey though. He plays hockey in the hallways, viewing rooms, or in the lobby with other kids. Literally the rink is his playground. When he’s watching the ice, or playing hockey, or watching hockey on tv with his dad, (exc) he yells “MÅL, MÅL, MÅL,” (pronounced m-o-l-e) repeatedly which means “goal” in Swedish. It’s the cutest. He also loves watching the zamboni drive by after the games.

Sunday I skipped the rink and just hung out with Sebby and my sister as the subtropical storm made its’ way inland. By around 3 it was clearing up and we headed to a friends house for a bbq before Nick coached his last game that night. Monday I invited my mom, dad and sister over for dinner. This was the first time I had all three of them at our “not so new” place for dinner.

Nick and I made Salmon, shrimp, salads, corn on the cob, burgers, and my new fav obsession, breaded almond chicken! I’ll be posting that recipe very soon. Sebastian loves it, and my husband didn’t believe I made it the first time I did for dinner! It’s THAT good, and easy to make.

The weather was alright Monday. Nick started the day off with mimosas for himself and my sister. Not for me! Sebby and Nick swam a bit before we started cooking, and then Sebby hungout with his Aunty and grandparents. For what we had to work with weather wise, it turned out to be an okay weekend!