These last four months have had it’s challenges, but nothing makes it more worth it then seeing my baby girl grow into her own. The first year of a baby’s life changes so much. It is a year of constant growth and change.

Bianca just came up on four months old last week and she has changed so much from her first few weeks of life. From her first smiles, to her first giggles, to her finding her strength and her tickle spots. Finding her voice (seriously, we have a talker on our hands), her hands & feet, and as of this week one of her biggest milestones so far, rolling over all by herself (1/29/19)!

I starred at her with the stupidest grin, and congratulated her in my high pitched voice. Yes, I got a little emotional, but it’s crazy to me how fast time is passing. I don’t remember it being like this with my son!

I want to savor every minute with my littlest love and remember these chubby legs and seriously adorable, gummy smile! Ugh, I just can’t stop kissing on her and loving on her. I feel the same exact way with her as I felt with my son. Same love, and same crazy obsession.

The only difference between her and my son is that I breastfeed and bottle feed her, while supplementing with formula. My son was strictly bottle, formula fed (cleft affected). With breastfeeding in the night, I’ve become very lazy and bring her in bed with me to snuggle and feed. This happens when she wakes up at around 3 AM. She’ll then wake up at around eight in the morning.

Depending on the night and sleeping situation, she’ll usually just wake up that one time to feed and go right back to sleep. Sometimes I think she uses me as a pacifier, which is a whole situation in itself, but what can you do. Until I decide I’m done breastfeeding completely, this is what’s working for us. I’m just afraid she’ll start getting really used to sleeping with me, and it’ll be such a struggle getting her to sleep on her own… I just can’t help myself right now though.

Any suggestions from mamas that’ve been doing what I am?

Sebastian has really started to understand that Bianca is apart of our family and here to stay. He asks about “Ianca,” and tells me she “wants some smoothie tooo.” He will randomly, when I’m not looking, start playing cars with her, and try and get her to hold one. He will look at her and start laughing when she smiles at him, but if I sit her next to him on purpose he slowly moves away letting her (almost) fall onto the couch.. If I tell him to say goodnight or give her a kiss, he usually will, but sometimes if I tell him to interact with her, he tells me no. It’s kind of bizarre, but I just can’t force the relationship. As she gets older, they’ll become closer, I hope.

Bath time!
Sparkly, green bath bomb from Lush.

Some things Bianca does that make her, Bianca:

  • She has very flirty eyes (that’s the best way I can describe it.)
  • Hates being in the car… This is the most miserable thing. I think she just hates not looking at me or someone, so I have to leave the house when she’s getting tired so she falls asleep.
  • She dislikes laying back. For example, if I’m leaning back against the couch and have her on my lap, she tries to pull herself up. Only likes sitting up.
  • Loves her daddy’s voice. Light’s up when he’s around, and is so calm.
  • Very interested in Sebastian and what he’s doing. Her eyes always follow him.
  • Her signature, Grinch hairstyle! She is also suffering from cradles cap, just like Sebastian did. I almost feel like hers might be worse though.. Currently trying to get it to go away with oil and the FridaBaby Brush.
  • Loves to stick her tongue out and lick her lips. Also, loves to chow on her hands and go through 5 bibs a day.. (Teething much?!)